September 16, 2019
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The Refugee Journalism Project has been featuring in the news recently, and there has been strong interest within the UK media, journalism and refugee communities, which has led to more inquiries about the venture and its work to date.

Here are a number of links to recent articles which have featured the activities of the project and its participants.





Feb 19, 2019 – London Unplugged: A film about modern Londoners, using research from Refugee Journalism Project, opens in the capital.



Jan 14, 2019 – The Big Issue: “RJP featuring ‘Top 100 Changemakers'”  we’ve made the list!   We’ve made the list!



Dec 06, 2018 – MadeAtUni  UK’s Best Breakthroughs‘ list: “The Refugee Journalism Project on the ‘100+ ways universities have improved everyday life’ list”


Apr 17, 2018 – Journalism Festival 2018 Magazine: “Rethinking our reporting of the refugee crisis: how collaborative journalism can improve how we cover migration”

Nov 2, 2017 – Press Gazette: “Boris Johnson has announced £1m of funding for press freedom projects around the world”


Aug 22, 2017 –  Open “Professionals again: how a UK project is giving refugee journalists experience, belonging”


Mar 30, 2017 – “One year since launch, the Refugee Journalism Project is going to expand across the UK”


Feb 10, 2017 – The UNHCR: “Voices in exile: refugee journalists retrain in the UK”


Nov 04, 2016 – Focus on Refugees: “Harnessing the skills of refugee chefs, journalists and nurses”


Oct 10, 2016 – The Guardian: “The Brits helping refugees help Britain”


Oct 07, 2016 – “Helping refugee journalists restart work”  


Sep 06, 2016 – LCC Blog: “The Refugee Journalism Project Q&A”


Sep 02, 2016 – ESPMI Network: “Refugee Journalism Project: Putting Displaced Voices on the Front Page”


Aug 24, 2016 – NewsDeeply: “Refugee Journalism Project: Putting Displaced Voices on the Front Page” 


Jun 20, 2016 – Artefact: “Working with refugee journalists”


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