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Screenshot of Artefact website

The Refugee Journalism Project has been featuring in the news recently, and there has been strong interest within the UK media, journalism and refugee communities, which has led to more inquiries about the venture and its work to date.

Here are a number of links to recent articles which have featured the activities of the project and its participants.



Nov 04, 2016 – Focus on Refugees: “Harnessing the skills of refugee chefs, journalists and nurses”

Oct 10, 2016 – The Guardian: “The Brits helping refugees help Britain”

Oct 07, 2016 – “Helping refugee journalists restart work”

Sep 06, 2016 – LCC Blog: “The Refugee Journalism Project Q&A”

Sep 02, 2016 – ESPMI Network: “Refugee Journalism Project: Putting Displaced Voices on the Front Page”

Jun 20, 2016 – Artefact: “Working with refugee journalists”


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